Hi!  I’m Elli Ann.  I help women recognize and overcome fear-based thoughts so they can build more fulfilling lives with confidence and clarity.

I live in Columbus, Ohio with my lovely, handsome (and amazing cook) husband, Tony (I’m currently eating fresh whipped cream off the whisk) and our 10 month old puppy Hildy, or Puppin as we like to say (I’m arguing with her over said whipped topping).  I also have a cat named… you guessed it, Kitty.  She’s kind of the devil.

We dream of owning a farmhouse in the country one day.  For now though, we are (fairly:) young working professionals.  I am an Event Planner by day and a Life Coach by side hustle.  My passion is connecting with people and guiding them to solutions they need.

There is no greater way to express yourself than to say it out loud to an audience.  Our minds work totally different in this setting.  We’re able to more quickly sort our thoughts and alter our perspectives when guided by the feedback of an audience.  Let me be your audience and guide you to discovering your very special vision of success.  Everyone deserves to be heard, especially you.

Elli Ann